Strategic Tourism Master Planning

A planned approach to tourism product development and marketing is essential if your tourism sector is to realise its full economic potential.

In common with all types of economic development, travel and tourism must proceed in a planned, orderly fashion. This is best achieved through the undertaking and implementation of a Strategic Tourism Master Plan.

A Strategic Tourism Master Plan normally provides a 10- to 20-year strategic vision, mission, strategies and action plans for  developing the tourism to and within a particular site, town, region, development corridor, state or country, in an efficient, balanced and sustainable manner for the benefit of local communities, investors and operators.

The Master Plan will often also address urban efficiency, economic and social development including all local and affected communities, mobilisation of private sector investment and participation, balanced with the protection of the natural, social and heritage resources.

In broad terms, a team of specialist consultants will work closely with local, regional or National Government departments to conduct a series of analytical tasks, including SWOT analyses, industry cluster data analysis, tourism industry trends and competitor analysis, and consumer segmentation. The study team also identifies best practices in tourism development and marketing using examples from neighbouring regions, destinations or countries. Focus groups with industry stakeholders across the state, usually provide valuable inputs for the development of the strategic tourism master plan.

Strategic Tourism Master Plans should outline both an overall development strategy to guide broad development as well as clear, concise objectives which outline specific recommendations to be implemented on the ground. These recommendations for implementation often deal with infrastructure, access, visitor circulation and the actions required to ensure that an enabling environment exists.

On a smaller scale, Lorton Consulting is often called upon to produce Strategic Tourism Master Plans for protected areas (Game Reserves, Marine National Parks, Private Game Parks), Development Corridors and Spatial Development Initiatives, mixed-use resort destinations and so on. These plans often require the consultants to go beyond the normal parameters for a strategic master plan, offering detailed concept plans, feasibility studies and bankable project proposals which can be offered to potential investors.

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