Our years of accumulated ‘hands-on’ experience and in-depth understanding of tourism, enables us to provide our clients with a range of interactive services. The combination of services offered is always tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of the project at hand.

Marketing Communication Africa (Pty) Ltd (trading as Lorton Communications and Lorton Consulting) was specifically established to provide marketing communication and consulting services and support in a broad African context. Today, with a track record in southern, East and Central Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, the Middle East and India we are now totally focused on tourism marketing and development planning. We have broad-based experience having handled projects as diverse as strategic planning for airlines, master planning for game reserves and market studies, economic impact, concept development and feasibility studies for major desert resorts and coastal tourism resort towns. We also have extensive experience in brand development and marketing planning and implementation for resorts, airlines and countries.

Our years of accumulated ‘hands-on’ experience and in-depth understanding of tourism, enables us to provide our clients with a range of interactive services to suit their specific needs.


We share the belief that tourism is about transformative relationships — between tourism enterprises and their guests, their employees, the communities in which they are located, the resources on which they are based, and Government. All these elements are inter-dependent. Success in tourism depends on our ability to meet and balance the needs of all partners in the relationship.

Most importantly, we commit ourselves to work with others to take responsibility for achieving the economic, social and environmental components of responsible and sustainable tourism.


Lorton Consulting operates with a small core of two shareholders and Directors. Because no two projects are ever the same and every project requires a totally different mix of expertise and experience, Lorton has created a collaborative network of dedicated specialists who share values and vision. The broad group of associates who form the collaborative network have greatly reinforced Lorton’s ability to provide a complete turnkey service and ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

Darryl Lombard has been with the company since 1975 and has been the majority shareholder since 1986. Soso Rose Mafharalala who attends to all aspects of administration for the company has been with Lorton since 1989. Soso has been a Director and Shareholder (ten percent) since 1998.

It is a key philosophy (when operating outside of South Africa’s borders) to work with local service providers and professionals to ensure the exchange and transfer of knowledge and skill at every opportunity.