Our years of accumulated ‘hands-on’ experience and in-depth understanding of tourism, enables us to provide our clients with a range of interactive services. The combination of services offered is always tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of the project at hand.


Due to its diverse nature, tourism promotion and development is economic development in one of its most immediate and adaptable forms. Tourism products (as varied as Private Game Reserves, Coastal Resorts or high-tech Leisure Parks, Museums and Cultural Interpretation Centres) can be identified and developed to meet both community and visitor needs. Where one community may place its entire effort on convention solicitation, another may focus solely on weekend getaways for leisure tourists. With changing travel tastes and trends and new competition and products entering the market each day, property owners, communities, developers and operators must continually ask “are we doing the right thing?”

We bring an outsider’s perspective that can help redefine traditional views and encourage an open-minded discussion of where the market and a community, land owner, developer and investor’s resources and interests meet. We provide the client with actionable recommendations on how to connect with their most lucrative and promising markets.

Generally, our approach is to work towards an holistic project evaluation and the development of balanced recommendations which will lead to ‘tourist destination creation’ as opposed to the creation of an isolated ‘tourism product’. It is important that while the focus of the project may be on tourism and ecotourism related projects and markets, the financial, social, institutional, technical, environmental and economic considerations essential for the development of a sustainable tourism destination must be taken into account in an holistic process.


Lorton (working with our Professional Associates) provides a full range of tourism development services to support our destination visioning programme. Together with our carefully chosen Associates, all leaders in their field, our expertise embraces the ability to —

  • identify and evaluate tourism opportunities
  • carry out market assessments and demand projection
  • define appropriate products and services
  • carry out detailed development planning
  • design and secure financial packages
  • market opportunities effectively
  • identify and secure suitable developers and operators
  • perform total project management
  • undertake environmental impact assessments
  • carry out community consultation and communication
  • identify and facilitate SME and other spin-off opportunities to communities


We provide services in market analysis, strategic planning, and implementation for enterprises engaged in all sectors of tourism, and collective groups such as destination marketing organisations, local government tourism departments, and national tourism offices. While marketing is traditionally used to stimulate demand, today more emphasis is being place on managing the nature and flow of demand in order to best utilise existing capacities.


Timely, relevant and accurate information concerning markets, consumer trends and competition is vitally important for both the public and private sectors involved in tourism marketing and the development of tourism plant. If required, Lorton Consulting can undertake a full range of research services (either in-house or through our Associates) including consumer surveys, secondary research, market opportunity analysis, and evaluations of marketing and sales activities.


Included are financial modelling, tourism resource analysis, as well as environmental, social and heritage assessments for the development of tourism, hospitality and air transport facilities.


Lorton Consulting has substantial experience in Tourism Planning for Community Participation, Tourism as a driver for LED, and Community Based Tourism.


Our consultants and associates apply the latest social and economic impact assessment approaches to the tourism sector at the provincial, destination region, and major attraction levels.


Lorton Consulting is committed not just to understanding the forces of change but to helping our clients master these forces to their benefit. To this end we monitor a spectrum of consumer trends which are likely to impact on tourism and test our plans and recommendations against compatibility with the major trends.


Because tourism has a vitally important role to play in community economic development, many clients find themselves in an advocacy role — persuading others of the benefits of tourism and educating the broader public regarding the issues affecting this industry. Lorton Consulting is skilled at assisting our clients to present their case and getting the results their business or organisation needs to further the aims of sustainable tourism.

Contact Lorton Consulting about your specific tourism planning needs — we would be more than willing to advise you.

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.
We do the right things right.”

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