Lorton has a track record of 35 years of service in southern, East and Central Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, the Middle East and India. Our years of accumulated ‘hands-on’ experience and in-depth understanding of tourism, enables us to provide our clients with a range of interactive services to suit their specific needs.


Lorton Consulting operates with a small core of two shareholders and Directors. Because no two projects are ever the same and every project requires a totally different mix of expertise and experience, Lorton has created a collaborative network of dedicated specialists who share values and vision. The broad group of associates who form the collaborative network have greatly reinforced Lorton’s ability to provide a complete turnkey service and ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

Darryl Lombard has been with the company since 1975 and has been the majority shareholder since 1986. Soso Rose Mafharalala who attends to all aspects of administration for the company has been with Lorton since 1989. Soso has been a Director and Shareholder since 1998.

It is a key philosophy (when operating outside of South Africa’s borders) to work with local service providers and professionals to ensure the exchange and transfer of knowledge and skill at every opportunity.


Darryl Lombard is internationally recognised as an authority on tourism marketing and brand development, product conceptualisation, Strategic Tourism Master Planning, project feasibility assessment and tourism-led Local Economic Development.

Darryl Lombard has extensive experience in Tourism Destination Visioning and brings a fresh perspective that can help redefine traditional views and encourage an open-minded discussion of where the market and the community, land owner, developer and investor’s resources and interests meet.

Darryl Lombard offers unique skills in being able to assess the true value and potential of natural, man-made, historical and heritage resources and envision how these may be turned into viable and sustainable tourism products, services and experiences.

Generally, his approach is to work towards an holistic project evaluation and the development of strategic recommendations which will lead to “destination creation” as opposed to the creation of isolated “tourism products”.

Darryl Lombard has well-developed expertise in project management, having led teams working on a broad spectrum of projects and specifically the Limpopo Valley Corridor Tourism Development Plan (Mozambique); the Integrated Tourism Development Plan for the Dinokeng project in north-eastern Gauteng; the Vilankulo Waterfront and Marina Development Plan (an extension of the LV SDI); the Mnazi Bay Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park (an aspect of the Mtwara SDI, Tanzania); Master Plan for Praia da Rocha (Inhambane, Mozambique); and the Tourism Master Plan for the Eastern Forests of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

Darryl is experienced in undertaking market analysis, strategic planning, and implementation for enterprises engaged in all sectors of tourism, and collective groups such as destination marketing organisations, departments of tourism, parks boards, and national tourism offices.

He has conducted a number of consultancies focussing on identifying source markets for tourism projects, facilities and regions and local communities; developing strategic marketing plans and managing the implementation of the plans.  In most of these he has led the team responsible for the planning and implementation processes.

Mr. Lombard has worked in 17 African and Indian Ocean countries as well as India and the Middle East. His clients have included: Malawi Ministry of Tourism, Tanzania Tourist Board, SARTOC, RETOSA, the Development Bank of Southern Africa, the Regional Spatial Development Initiative Unit, the CPPP Unit, the CSIR, Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Commission for Tourism, a number of regional and domestic airlines, Metropolitan Councils as well as numerous communities, private land owners, hotels and lodges.


We share the belief that tourism is about transformative relationships — between tourism enterprises and their guests, their employees, the communities in which they are located, the resources (manmade, natural, cultural and heritage), on which they are based, and Government. All these elements are inter-dependent. Success in tourism depends on our ability to meet and balance the needs of all partners in the relationship.

A sample list of projects is offered in the “Our Projects” post in the “About Us” category, located on the  menu bar of this site. Click here to go straight there.


  1. I Really love your job… Seriously.
    I’m a senior student in Tourism, And I’ll have to use your articles for reference.. I’m willing to become a consultant in a few years!

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    • Darryl Lombard

      Sam, go to the Contact Lorton page (use the menu at the top of the page to get there) and either e-mail your contact details to me or use the message form to send me your details and needs. I would like to help you if I can. Darryl Lombard

  3. Looking the upcountry firm who need to do tourism Busness in Tanzania and the East Africa countries



    • 3rd Global Geotourism Conference, Muscat, Oman 30 October to 1 November 2011. No conference fees. Late call, but worth a thought. Peter

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    Lovely website Darryl! Sending the link on to a lot of pals!
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    Thanks Patsy. Always good to get feedback, especially from you, with your eye for detail. Best, Darryl

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